New Urban Realities – AR & VR

Technology is the great economic and societal disruptor, and Virtual Reality (VR) is one of its latest incarnations. What mostly started as a means to create more immerse gaming experiences has since expanded into other fields such as medicine, engineering, architecture, construction and, more recently, urban planning and design. VR is soon to explode in our collective imaginations with the upcoming Spielberg movie Ready Player … Continue reading New Urban Realities – AR & VR

Sensors, people & the Smart City

In 2014 friend and I entered the Park to Pacific competition to design a parklet (i.e. a pocket park or very small green space) for a street in Sydney. We called our proposal Coogee Community Cultivation. The development of our idea is telling of how thinking has evolved in terms of how technology is, or can be, used to improve our lives. It is worth reflecting upon the impact … Continue reading Sensors, people & the Smart City

Living underground

Over the last few decades it seems that humans have, in ever increasing numbers and in ever more places, decided to inhabit underground spaces or fully enclosed cave like structures. It would seem that this trend has three separate but related reasons: improved climate / temperature control, the requirement to fit transport infrastructure in our denser urban environments and the increasing commercial / privatisation of … Continue reading Living underground

Ambition or Megalomania ?

There is definitely a fine line between wanting to build the vision of an organisation, community, city or even that of a nation and believing that this built form embodies that vision… It is hard to say without having seen it in person but I think Chendgu’s New Century Global Centre straddles that precarious line. The capital of Sichuan Province, China, is soon to complete what will become … Continue reading Ambition or Megalomania ?